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Welcome and sign in please! April 20, 2006

Posted by TBQ in Admin.

Welcome to BGAL! Take a sec to get familiar with the ground rules. Once you have, go to WordPress to sign up for an account (assuming you don't have one already).

Then in the comments to this post please give:

Your Name

Your Email address (the one you used for your WP account) 

Your WordPress username

Your blog URL (optional – if you'd like us to link to it)

And one of the admins will add you into the group!

Welcome aboard! 🙂



1. juliael - April 24, 2006

Hi, I figured out how to signup. I’ll probably use the account here for my blog unless I repurpose the old Teresa Wentzler project one.

Your name: Julia
Your WordPress username: juliael
Your blog url: juliael.wordpress.com

2. bonibaru - April 29, 2006

Your Name – bonibaru

Your WordPress username – bonibaru

3. airawyn - April 29, 2006

Hi! I wanna play. Don’t know what I’m doing yet, but there will be yarn involved.

[Reposted because I signed into the wrong place. Please delete the other one.]

4. airawyn - April 29, 2006


Name: Airawyn
Username: airawyn
Blog url: airawyn.wordpress.com

Yes, I’m slow this morning. It’s been a long week.

5. Katie - April 29, 2006

Your Name: Katie
Your WordPress username: ktnb
Your blog URL: http://www.ktnb.net/knit

6. tzutzane - April 29, 2006

Your Name: Suzanne

Your WordPress username: tzutzane

Your blog URL: tzutzane.wordpress.com

Crossing my fingers that this Blue and Gold Along will help me stay motivated as I try to knit some baby items for a good friend of mine!

7. treebee - April 29, 2006

Your Name: treebee

Your Email address (the one you used for your WP account): treebee.wordpress.com

Your WordPress username: treebee

Yay! Signed-Up!

8. mamadeb - May 8, 2006

My name: MamaDeb
My email address: debra.baker3@verizon.net
My WordPress username: MamaDeb
My blog url: mamadeb.wordpress.com

9. ladybugxstitcher - June 1, 2006

My Name: Lia (Shields)
My email: shieldlm@hotmail.com
My username: ladybugxstitcher
My blog: http://ladybugssitnknit.blogspot.com/

10. hzjewlyarner - July 9, 2006

My Name: Vanessa
My email: vanmik_flm@yahoo.com
My username: hzjewlyarner
My blog: none yet

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