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Buttons! June 1, 2006

Posted by craftbq in Admin.

In honor of our start date, I bring you buttons!

My graphics-fu is week so if anybody wants to make their own and/or improve on mine, by all means go right ahead.

In the meanwhile, here's a few for you to use however you'd like.  No hotlinking, s'il vous plait! 🙂

icon icon

icon icon



1. juliael - June 1, 2006

Very cool! I’ve added one of the buttons to my blog with a link here.

2. craftbq - June 1, 2006

Glad you like! Now I just need to figure out how to add them to my own blog. *ponders*

3. juliael - June 1, 2006

It took a little digging on the WordPress forums/faqs but I figured it out. It’s under your Bookmarks section. When you edit the link, you’ll see the name/url/description and you should see something marked “advanced options” underneath those. Click on + sign and that’ll open up the image & rss urls. Add the url of the image and voila! Instant button. I hope those instructions makes sense.

4. craftbq - June 1, 2006

Huh. Tried that and it didn’t work. I wonder if I need to upgrade my personal WP stuff. I’ve noticed that there’s options over here that my blog doesn’t have. Makes me wonder if they’ve tweaked it since I set my blog up.

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