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What is it?

In the tradition of knitalongs, where everyone knits the same pattern or theme, the blue and gold along is for anyone interested in making items that feature the colors blue and gold.

Is it restricted to knitting?

No. Members can knit, crochet, cross-stitch, or sew. Basically if it's a needle art of some kind, you're good to go!

Do I have to use a specific shade of blue or gold?

Nope. If they qualify as blue and gold for you, they do for us.

Would my Ravenclaw scarf count? That's blue and bronze.

Since BGAL's creator is fannish, we're going to call those close enough to the theme that they count.

How much blue and gold must the project use?

Consider it like Iron Chef: we'd like those colors to be the featured ones, but it doesn't have to be 50/50 nor do they have to be the only ones. You at least have to use blue and gold in some fashion, and if other colors are involved we shouldn't have to squint to see where the blue and gold comes in. Otherwise it's fair game.

I'm a newbie to knitting/crochet/needlework. Can I join?

Of course! Everyone is welcome, no matter what their skill level.

Is there an age limit?

We'd like posters to be 16 and older.

Is there a time limit?

As of right now, no. We'll go as long as inspiration strikes us.

How do I join?

First go to WordPress.com and sign up for an account (assuming you don't have one already). Once you do, comment to this post with your WordPress username and the URL for your blog if you'd like us to link to it. One of the admins will add you to this blog.

What do I post?

Updates on your progress, suggested patterns, pictures of what you've done – if it's about your BGAL project(s) it's welcome!

What should I not post?

Anything not directly related to BGAL. If it's off-topic the post will be deleted.

Anything else?

No flames. That includes debates about yarn choice. This is meant to be a fun and supportive community.

Who should I contact if I have any other questions?

Email the BGAL admin.



1. Blue and Gold Along » Welcome and sign in please! - April 20, 2006

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